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  • How can I enter into a $50 Amazon gift card raffle?
    To enter into a $50 Amazon gift card raffle, we would really appreciate you filling out this short survey form so that we can improve our classes to meet your child’s specific needs.
  • How do I get a free class?
    For every family you referred and paid, your child will get a free class. Make sure to have your friend mention your name and email.
  • Do my prepaid classes expire?
    Single classes expire after 2 weeks 5 Bundle classes expires after 1 month 10 bundle classes expire after 2 months
  • What type of Chinese do Little Meetings teach?
    Little Meetings teaches Mandarin Chinese- simplified and traditional characters. Mandarin is spoke by nearly 1 billion native speakers worldwide.
  • Will my child learn to read and write Chinese characters?
    We teaches Simplified characters and uses Pinyin, to help students sounds out a word. Our primarly goal is to teach students love for the Chinese culture and speak conversational Mandarin. Intermediate and advanced students can request the teacher to pratice reading and writing and even have homework assignments.
  • What are the tips to help my preschoolers learn online?
    We found these little tricks work well! Set the same place and time every day for the lessons Sign into the classroom using your child's name at least 5 mintues before class and turn on your audio and video For the group classes, please make sure to double click “speaker view” (top right) and on the teacher's frame to “pin video” so that the teacher stays on your main screen and won’t switch up when other kids are talking. Parents: When you are talking to your child or chatting in the same room, please mute yourself
  • Are there materials I can review with my child?
    Yes! After every class, the teachers will upload the recorded class video and any music links for you to review
  • How much English will there be during class?
    Our teachers will only talk in English if the student(s) do not repeatly understand what the teacher is talking about, after multiple attempts. It's our policy that we try to avoid using English and instead try to explain terms and vocabs in simple Chinese words.
  • What ages are the classes for?
    The private 1x1 lessons are for any age. Our teachers can adjust their tutoring content based on age and Mandarin level. For the group lessons, most participants are between age 3 to 12. But we also get teenagers joining.
  • How do I cancel or change my class?
    You are free to cancel or change a class 24 hours before the scheduled time. If it is within 24 hours before the scheduled time, we cannot honor any change or refunds since the teacher has already prepared for the class and he/she can not teach other students.
  • Can I choose a specific teacher or time?
    Yes! For the private 1x1 classes, welcome to request any teacher or time tailored to your child's needs. For the group classes, we recommend you picking the same time slot and teacher every week to maintain the same class routine for your child. For the bundle lessons, welcome to stay with the same teacher or try different teacher for all the classes.
  • I have a bundle group lesson. Can I schedule with different teachers?
    For 10 group lesson pass: you have 2 months to use them with any teacher and any group class! For 5 group lesson pass: you have 1 month to use them with any teacher and any group class!
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